In today’s adoption search we find many new opportunities to find your birth mother, father, sibling, aunt, or uncle. The use of DNA in genealogy, ¬†and autosomal DNA in particular, have enabled us to find in cases where no information except a place of birth was available.

In the past, Adoption Search was limited by archaic laws and roadblocks that we can now break through. Adopted Adults are finding their First Mother, and Birth Family more often, and in cases where in the past it was simply impossible. Closed adoptions and  sealed files are no longer a barrier for us.

Not only has DNA allowed adoption search to open up, it has allowed many adults who never knew who their father was to now find out this information. Just this past week we have connected a client with a half-sister neither of them knew existed.

Proof positive

Our client asked us to locate a man with a very common name, and that he was her birth father. She had his dob, and so we set about locating him. Her mother was deceased so she could provide no more information. The man responded saying, I am that man, but I am not the father.

We are a talented firm, so our next step was to recommend DNA testing with due to the very large size of their pool, and millions of ancestral trees. Our client came back with a match of 3 second to third cousins. One was on her mother’s side, and the other one was also an adoptee. With this information we started to work.

Just this week we got confirmation that we identified the correct father, and it was not the man we had initially found, and he did not have the same name. Since we cannot ask the mother, we had a DNA test done with the suspect Half-Sister. Test Results PROVE they are HALF SIBLINGS.

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