Are you protecting yourself?  DNA can be a very helpful tool in finding biological family.

It does however come with some particular precautions you should take, such as personal security.

Results may surprise individuals immediately, including yourself.  Some people are taking Ancestry DNA and other DNA tests to verify their genealogy, and are finding out they aren’t exactly who they thought they were.  Individuals are finding surprise birth siblings, and or that their own parentage isn’t as they had thought their whole lives.  These kinds of surprises are not always welcome, but once the reality has set in, they can become rewarding, and even explain questions and differences people have felt their entire lives.

If you are an adopted person, are you aware that when you put your DNA into a service that others may see your account information? Are you sure you want them to?  The advantages of having a company like ours administer your DNA package and work with it, is that we will protect YOUR identity. We know this is a private and sensitive issue.   We will also verify we are not connecting you to the wrong person, or someone with a violent criminal past.   We will keep your identity private,  if you choose to keep it that way, until you don’t.

We realize this is sensitive and that often lives are disrupted, secrets revealed, relationships exposed, and that sometimes we don’t want these things on the WWW.  That’s why we are here.  We have decades of experience dealing with people in these delicate matters. Whether doing a DNA search due to late discovery adoption, or parentage issues, or doing an Adoption search or locating a long-lost relative of any kind; sensitivity, compassion, security and knowledge will be what we will be offering you while we CONDUCT YOUR SEARCH- and that’s the way we will operate until we END YOUR SEARCH.

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