One of the biggest issues we have doing DNA adoption search for birth mother and birth family is our matches?  How can those be a problem you might ask?

What if they don’t answer their email?  What if the person that is administering it is not the donor and you can’t figure out who the donor is?
Maybe the donor has no tree attached?   The KEY to adoption search and locating your birth family with it, is to know who your matches are and who their ancestors are.

Another big issue with DNA matches. The tree attached to the DNA may be a tree for someone in the family or may be incorrect. Prove your own genealogical data and you don’t have to worry if their tree is correct or not. Figure out who they are!

Another huge issue, is that many of the matches will be adopted as well, and have no documented ancestors attached.  What if your top match is an adoptee?  This may result in finding two birth families at once as we have recently done.   By solving our client’s case we also solved his top match’s case who was his half- sibling and also an adopted adult. He had one second cousin we had to identify.  We used our own Private Investigative Proprietary Databases to identify the top matches and then build their trees. They had none attached, and their ID was private.   This case was a real challenge but it was completed and the tree held the half siblings, and second and third cousin matches by the time it was completed.

Private Detectives / Investigators help you make sure you are not making contact with a criminal or other undesirable. After all, when you search with DNA and no information, you need to protect your privacy until you know more.  Many unprofessional people are connecting people to dangerous individuals and strangers.   We strongly feel that if you are going to contact a stranger with no more information than DNA,  you should have more information and be able to tell if they are safe enough to let them know you or your family.

Adoption search is what we’ve been doing for decades. We have great experience in making first contact and in explaining how we have found the individual.  We’re great at helping both sides start this relationship in a manner agreeable to both.

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