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When I first started searching, it was something very personal for me, I was looking for a former foster daughter of mine. I did locate her and she had been adopted by family members. She expressed that her own birth mother was also adopted and had gone through the foster care system. Next, we decided to help her birth mother locate her birth family. This was done as well, and the rest is history. I believe that was circa 1995 because I was in the middle of an open adoption of my own. I am an adoptive parent.

While doing genealogical documentation of my own family, biological relationships of family members were revealed by accident. While this information was disturbing to my family, it answered many unexplained differences among family members, at long last, the truth. This explained the differences among siblings and gave each person the ability to separate their "real identity" into a more realistic view.

I started my career in S/360 Enterprise Computers in the early 80s at BellSouth's Data Center in Atlanta. I moved to Silicon Valley in 1996. After this point, I worked a four on, four off schedule which allowed me to do what I loved to do. It also allowed me to purchase data, and that I did. With half the days off, and being driven to search, I was doing what I loved on the side.

At last I hung out my business sign around 1998, ASearchGenie.com was my web page and I did this for many years until my home and databases/microfiche burned and I had to regroup. I’ve known and worked with Nick since 1998; working with him as a researcher and support in his cases, and now as a partner, and dear friend. Both of us have always done no find, no fee work.

I no longer work in Computers, and have devoted my life full time to reuniting family. In the past few years, my computer background, along with 25 years of genealogical research and decades of adoption search offered me a new opportunity that fit my skill sets particularly well. DNA adoption search for family! I took a year off just to study Genetic Genealogy as how it is related to adoption. I found, it fits all my skill sets, and offers not only a very fulfilling career that I love, it is something that I have oddly trained many years for. The use of logic, research, recognizing patterns, these logical skill sets, along with computer skills and adoption search compliment each other, and I love it. I could not be doing anything that I love more than what I am doing now. Having said all that, I would LOVE to help you solve your unexplained mysteries as well.


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The Search Enders is operated by An Investigative Genetic Genealogist, We are experts at locating separated family and birth family. Read more (here)

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