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We have decades of experience locating the most difficult to locate of people. People who have no names, and or who have changed name with little or no traces. Let us use our expertise to help you END that search as soon as possible. We offer a no risk, no find no fee service, and have tons of success in our history. *There are minimal costs associated with DNA lab fees in DNA adoption search and locates.

Finding Family

You must know, that if we’re experts at locating those without names, then we’re darn good at finding those with them. Family is separated for many reasons and we are here to help you locate your loved one as fast as possible, whether it’s a medical or family emergency, or a family reunion, you can count on us. Sometimes people do not want to be found and we do not work as stalkers. We will always verify first that the person wants to be located prior to releasing their information. We are very experienced in intermediary communications.

Finding Anyone

You’ve lost touch, they moved, they got married, who knows why people lose touch, but they do. Sometimes we just reach a point in our lives were we really want to reconnect with someone. If your searching for an old friend, whether a former military buddy, or a classmate, we can help you. Maybe you are a law firm trying to locate an heir, or someone owes you money and you need to locate them? Maybe you are a high school reunion coordinator, give us a shout and see if we can help you end your search as well. WE offer these services and a whole lot more, as we stated, we are a full service Private Investigative agency.

DNA Search

Perhaps you don’t know your parentage, or the records are sealed in your adoption case. Genealogy and genetics have married to allow DNA Adoption Search and DNA Family location. We would love to help you in this endeavor to locate you family. We have proven experience and success in this method of locating family.


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We are experts at locating separated family and birth family. The Search Enders brings decades of experience in this type of work, offering the possibility to END years of unsuccessful searching. We work closely and personally with our clients through-out the sensitive process of search and reunion wherever possible.

We are a team of private investigation combined with investigative genealogy. We can also incorporate the use of DNA. We understand adoption search on a very personal level. We’ve been affected by search and reunion in our own lives, and have experienced adoption in our own lives.

Because finding someone is just the first step, we are here to help guide you into the first step of that relationship, if that is the choice you’ve made. Maybe you only want medical information, and if that’s the case we’ll try to help you with that as well. We’ll always try to go the extra step because we realize how important family, and health is to you. We also intimately understand the issues of identity that come with adoption and separations.

If you are an adoptee, a former foster child, a birth mother, a birth father, or birth family member in search, please submit a case request for a free evaluation of your search. If you’d rather, you can call us at (386-218-3593)

Although we specialize in reuniting friends and family, we offer other services that you or your firm may be interested in. If you are a law firm that is engaged in estate work and are in search of missing heirs, need to locate a witness, or even need surveillance we can do that as well. We are a full-service agency.

Divorce and other factors can cause family separations that are not always in our control. Many miss their military buddies, or a special classmate. If you have anyone missing from your life we’d like to help solve that problem. Please fill out a submit case form and we will right back Atcha!

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The Search Enders is operated by An Investigative Genetic Genealogist, We are experts at locating separated family and birth family. Read more (here)

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