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It doesn’t matter who you are looking for we will try to help you END YOUR SEARCH

If you are looking to find your Birth Mother, Siblings, Birth Father, Adoptee, Adopted Sibling, or your DNA results were a surprise, we’re working our hardest to solve these confidential cases for you without personal risk to you. We are very persistent, compassionate and caring about our work for you. It is our GOAL to solve this for you.

How do we do that? WE offer a <NO FIND>< NO FEE> Service.

This means, if we don’t find them, you don’t pay. It means if we decide that we will take your case, we will spend our time, and our expenses to locate your loved one at no initial cost to you.

If we find we can’t locate your loved one in a conventional manner, we may ask you to initiate a DNA search with us. In this case, there is a minimal DNA LAB *handling cost* that is not refundable.
All Fees are agreed upon before casework begins.

WE accept PayPal, and all major credit cards.
Check our Reviews below and then, see if we can END your SEARCH TOO

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The Search Enders is operated by An Investigative Genetic Genealogist, We are experts at locating separated family and birth family. Read more (here)

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