Right now DNA offers are HOT! HOT! HOT!

Ancestry.com has a Father’s day sale, and so does 23andMe.com  With a purchase of these tests,  you can then download and later upload your raw data to other services to obtain more matches.   We do this all the time to increase your chances of finding.  When you decide to work with us on finding your family, we are going to fish in the biggest ponds we can find to fish in.  We’re determined to find your family!

Why use DNA?

DNA is not debatable, and it’s proof positive of relationship.  You can not only use your DNA to locate family, but you can also download it and then upload the raw data file to multiple health services to find out more about  your own personal medical risks.

Keep in mind that not all DNA is inherited equally.   Full siblings may not share the same ethnicity.  As an example, my own DNA shows me to be nearly 15% Iberian, however my full sister is only 3% and one of us is much more fair skinned than the other, we are however FULL siblings.   How this takes place would be another article.  But I will place a link for those interested.    It’s something to know when doing Adoption search as well.  Understanding Ethnicity Among Siblings

We can’t predict how many cousins a person will have once their DNA is sent in, but we do know that if we can get a line on an ancestor we have a proven record of solving these cases. We have expert genetic genealogists, adoption searchers, private investigative interview techniques and databases, private investigative proprietary access, many services and colleagues to call upon to assist you in making your search a success. If you have already done your DNA and are looking at it and are  puzzled, we are not!

We have tons of experience making first contact and assisting our clients in starting the relationship (if that is the choice) in a proper manner.  After all, when you’re looking for someone with DNA, you’re looking for a stranger.  We take all these things into consideration, and the fact that this is personal and private while we talk to individuals and conduct our investigation locating your family.   You may find a wonderful person on the other end of your search, or you may not, so you should always be prepared to find. We will protect your privacy until you are ready to reveal your information- if ever.

Start writing your letters and gather your thoughts if you decide to solicit our help.  WE intend to END YOUR SEARCH

We are solving DNA cases on a daily basis it seems lately, why not join us? Call now for an interview (877) 708-3463


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